Initiative publications

Published research

Journal articles and conference proceedings

  • Implications for Ownership, Usage, and Social Welfare in the Sharing Economy," submitted to Management Science, 2015 (flagship journal of INFORMS).
  • Benjaafar, S., G. Kong, X. Li, and C. Courcoubetis, "Modeling and Analysis of Collaborative Consumption in Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing," forthcoming in ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review, 2015 (Special Issue to dedicated to the Proceedings of NetEcon 2015 – The 10th Workshop on the Economics of Networks, Systems and Computation, Portland, Oregon, June 15, 2015).
  • Yu, Y., S. Benjaafar and Y. Gerchak, "On Service Capacity Pooling and Cost Sharing among Independent Firms," forthcoming in Production and Operations Management, 2015 (Winner of the IIE Pritsker Best Doctoral Dissertation Award).
  • Suh, K. and T. Smith, and M. Linhoff, "Leveraging Socially Networked Mobile ICT Platforms for the Last-Mile Delivery Problem," Environmental Science and Technology, 46, 9481−9490, 2012.